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About Us

Logistic Services USA is the newest member of the California Cartage Family of Companies.

Logistic Services USA was founded in the beautiful Pacific Northwest over ten years ago with the mission of providing a better customer experience in the freight management market .  With a highly seasoned and experienced team of Logistics and Supply Chain experts we can help our clients streamline and simplify their supply chains. Many of our team members came from some of the largest and most successful logistics companies in the world.  Our vast network has strategic partnerships including our own assets and additional asset providers all across the globe to support our customer’s needs from start to finish.  We have invested heavily in the latest transportation and warehousing technology to provide a world class experience for our clients.

Logistic Services USA is the newest division of the California Cartage Family of Companies, a family owned and operated company that has provided industry leading service for over 70 years.


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Supply Chain Challenges

  • Reducing inventory costs
  • Ability to respond rapidly to changes in market demand
  • Guaranteed delivery of product on a daily basis

Supply Chain Visibility

  • Lack of visibility increases risk, cost and time
  • All stages of relationships
  • Identifying constraints
  • Ability to manage bottlenecks

True Transportation Management

  • Origin to destination visibility of cargo and costs are must haves in order to increase inventory turns and reduce carrying expenses.
  • Logistics Services investments in the latest technologies and utilization of proven supply chain principles are key to creating visibility and control across the commercial and geographical boundaries of today’s market.
  • Our ability to drive vendor performance from a natural platform provides a unique opportunity to measure and manage our clients supply chain like no one in the industry.
  • As a natural data management provider this allows us to act in our client’s best interest regardless of carrier or service.
  • Key Performance Indicating

    Logistic Services has the ability to provide custom performance reporting tailored to our customers KPI’s. This tool will help establish quantifiable vendor and carrier metrics to better understand their performance and your supply chain.

    • Utilization
    • Transit times
    • On time delivery
    • Event updating
    • EDI

    A Complete Process

    • Manage Port pickup for tighter control of hot or expedited loads
    • Transload & rail to truck to customer DC via domestic 48’/53’ Equipment
    • Manage and utilize multi-vendor equipment pools
    • Loading by customer preference, po or pallet

    Transloading Benefits

    • Flexibity to accommodate urgent orders and sku levels
    • Reduced domestic equipment at receiving
    • Direct to store dc by pass capability
    • Reduced doors required to handle
    • Possible re-utilization of domestic equipment for distribution and delivery
    • Online trailer manifest
    • Increased trace points

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