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Stock picks in Supply Chain Industry – Logistic Services USA choices for 2017 (2/10/2017)

It is always important to see how companies you work with, and compete against are doing. One of the easiest ways to do this (if publicly traded) is follow a companies stock price, news, history and earnings calls. Very good information can be gathered, both on the specific company, and the industry as a whole. To that end, Logistic Services USA has chosen gold and silver medalists for stocks to watch in 2017 in four key aspects of the SUPPLY CHAIN FREIGHT FORWARDERS/NVOCC – Front of supply chain Gold Medal – Matson (35.50) – MATX – up 18.9% in 2016 Made prudent acquisition of Horizon Lines, strenghtening Alaska freight foothold, and averages 1.15m in revenue per employee. Silver Medal – Expeditors (54.09) – EXPD –...
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How do you sell Logistics?

How do you sell and market “Logistics”??? – one person’s opinion of what works, and what doesn’t I was on a few websites the other day looking for baby clothes (our 10 month old is up to 18 month clothes, and surging towards 24 month faster than we can buy new threads), and it made me think of how our industry works as far as the purchase of goods and services. We at Logistic Services USA do not want to be in the transaction game. Period. Buying baby clothes was easy, but it was a one and done. Impersonal, but very easy, and with the swipe of a card, the onesies were en route, and I moved forward with the rest of the day....
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Will the global supply chain of the future need humans?

Imagine a time (it is coming sooner than you think) where: An automated 53’ truck drives the highway (across the street or across the nation), and only when they get off of the interstate does a human steer the truck into a DC At time of check in, an automated robot environment checks the driver in, unloads the product, and provides documentation (POD) to finish the transaction. Satellites, cell phones and/or GPS report the real time transit, exceptions/updates to whatever database or communication tool both the customer and 3PL require. Think this is only science fiction….? These companies and industries would disagree with you, and are spending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to prove they are right. Driverless trucks: Automated warehousing: Automated ports (import/export):...
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Be Sure Your Carrier Has Insurance (For Your Customers’ Sake!)

Question: Is it really that important to have proper insurance on shipments? Do carriers really need to know so much information about each load? Answer: The short answer is yes. And yes. Let us explain. There is a reason insurance companies choose certain items to convey their message, like the umbrella or the two hands that make a cup. It’s to try to convince you that they’ll be there when you really need them. They call themselves “a good neighbor” or they say they’re “on your side.” But the truth about insurance is, you never really know if you’re truly covered until you need the coverage—and when you need the coverage is after the accident/incident has already happened. These are the instances where customers...
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