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Theoretical next move for Amazon in Supply Chain – CelaZon?

Had my brother in law ask me this week about our industry (“Logistics”). He specifically mentioned some recent consolidations and buyouts ….XPO (Conway), UPS (Coyote), and Swift/Knight as the top 3 discussion points. He works with institutional capital, and the industry came up in some discussions he was having on future areas to look at. Got me thinking about the one company that regularly is making moves that stir up the supply chain industry – Amazon Question to myself with my unofficial crystal ball: If AMZN were to dive into the transportation arena on an acquisition, who would be a likely candidate? My thoughts: UPS or FEDEX – straight assed based acquisition – Market Caps (92B and 56B respectively) Nah….too expensive to purchase, cannibalizes...
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Does Walmart have the “stones” to take Market Share from Amazon in E-commerce?

David (Walmart) vs Goliath (Amazon) in ECOMMERCE – is there another upset in the making? Amazon is truly a Goliath in the ECOM arena, and you better have a good supply of rocks and people collecting them for your slingshots when you step into the ring with them. What better way to enter the fray than by purchasing a company ( whose founder built an ecom company (Quidsi), sold it to the Philistines, and then worked in the rock quarry and armory for a couple of years. Saul (played by Walmart CEO Doug McKinnon) is banking on David (Marc Lore) to fundamentally have the right mix of bravery, faith and skill to go after the Seattle gang from Gath. Why do I think that the...
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Communication algorithm in Logistics … 1 face to face/25 emails/8 phone calls.

I am not a person that takes a lunch outside the office during the workday. Not because of a magical metabolism, or altrusitic belief that I have to be at my desk 10 hours a day without fail, but more for the fact that alot of our customers, vendors, carriers etc are not locally based. This week, I was invited to an industry lunch with an old carrier rep/friend (as FYI great keynote speaker from REI on their new energy neutral DC in Goodyear AZ), a working lunch with a soon to be overflow transload provider, and had some refreshing “soda pops” with an old colleague/friend and his peer after work. On all 3 occasions, on the way back to the office or travelling...
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Expansion of FIFE, WA facility – more options for TRANSLOADING out of PNW!

Happy to announce that our sister company CMI recently added another 103,000 square feet in the existing warehouse in Fife, WA. this bring current warehouse footprint to over 400,000 sf ft. What does this mean or us here at Logistic Services USA LLC? More opportunities (doors, space, yard spots) to provide TRANSLOADING SERVICES for our core customers: Freight forwarders Third Party Logistics providers Direct OEM providers and shippers Addtional capacity to expand our local pickup and delivery to meet customers needs out of the Port of Tacoma and Port of Seattle Ability to expand our portfolio on warehouse opportunites, which by association will allow us to continue to provide an end to end one stop solution. Pickup of your product from Ports (DRAYAGE SERVICES) – YES...
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Stock picks in Supply Chain Industry – Logistic Services USA choices for 2017 (2/10/2017)

It is always important to see how companies you work with, and compete against are doing. One of the easiest ways to do this (if publicly traded) is follow a companies stock price, news, history and earnings calls. Very good information can be gathered, both on the specific company, and the industry as a whole. To that end, Logistic Services USA has chosen gold and silver medalists for stocks to watch in 2017 in four key aspects of the SUPPLY CHAIN FREIGHT FORWARDERS/NVOCC – Front of supply chain Gold Medal – Matson (35.50) – MATX – up 18.9% in 2016 Made prudent acquisition of Horizon Lines, strenghtening Alaska freight foothold, and averages 1.15m in revenue per employee. Silver Medal – Expeditors (54.09) – EXPD –...
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Macropoint, 4 Kites, MyGeoTracking et al -not when, but HOW soon will this be mandatory technology for movement of goods in Logistics?

“GOING FORWARD XXX TRANSPORTATION REQUIRES MACROPOINT TRACKING ON ALL SHIPMENTS” Got email from customer today, and saw this new tag line above the signature. Made me stop and think. How much longer until all major shippers and 3pls employ this type of GPS based technology as a requirement for their freight? In the last year, our company has used all 3 of these vendors, and it is definitely the wave of the NEAR NEAR FUTURE. Automation, technology, and scalability – the triumvirate of what Supply Chains are quickly evolving to. Check out these 3 companies, as all three are worthwhile providers in this space.

Will China get Trumped in new trade deals….. or Lighthizered?

Recently, President elect Donald Trump announced his choice to be the nations new US Trade negotiator. I dont think it was an accident that he also put GM on notice (via Twitter) for importing Mexican made cars the same day. To paraphrase Eddie Murphy in 48 hours, theres a new sheriff in town, and his name is ….Robert Lighthizer If Lighthizer is confirmed by the Senate, this will be a critical position for people to watch in the Supply Chain industry, and the trickle down effect of trade deals. My opinion: The days of free trade with China without some sort of taxation or tariffs are over. Mr Lighthizer has been a long time advocate for increasing tariffs from anyone outside of the United States, and...
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Will new Presidency be good for Domestic Supply Chain folks like Logistic Services USA?

With the new arrival of our new 45th President here shortly, the question was recently asked over Thanksgiving dinner: “Do you think Donald Trump will be good or bad for the industry you work in (LOGISTICS)?” Great question, and made me stop and think. With any new President, the choices for key cabinet positions are the catalyst in shaping the direction and future of the US. They are the day to day players who take the high level marching orders, and implement into tangible gameplans. . That being said, the two key people for SUPPLY CHAIN professionals over the next 4 years are: Wilbur Ross – chosen for Secretary of Commerce Edith Chao – chosen for Secretary of Transportation Mr. Ross is a billionaire from...
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