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Does Walmart have the “stones” to take Market Share from Amazon in E-commerce?

David (Walmart) vs Goliath (Amazon) in ECOMMERCE – is there another upset in the making?

Amazon is truly a Goliath in the ECOM arena, and you better have a good supply of rocks and people collecting them for your slingshots when you step into the ring with them.

What better way to enter the fray than by purchasing a company ( whose founder built an ecom company (Quidsi), sold it to the Philistines, and then worked in the rock quarry and armory for a couple of years.

Saul (played by Walmart CEO Doug McKinnon) is banking on David (Marc Lore) to fundamentally have the right mix of bravery, faith and skill to go after the Seattle gang from Gath.

Why do I think that the Vegas line is sliding with every passing day in favor of the Bentonville Brawlers….

The 1st step to recovery is admitting you have a problem

By adding, giving them a seat at the table, and the resources and support of the world largest retailer, it just might be another Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson in the prizefight of the 21st century in the ECOMMERCE arena.