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Web-native TMS for parcel, LTL, truckload, rail, intermodal, air freight, ocean, and multi-modal.

With today’s increasingly complex business and logistics environment coupled with the stressed economy, more and more companies are turning to outsourcing to accommodate their difficult supply chain needs. With our TMS tool we can manage all of your shipping, distribution modes and give total visibility to our customers from web based custom dashboard. The dashboard is designed to meet your specific KPI’s. We have also included a custom reporting tool which allows our customers to design what they want to see and when they want to see it. If it was in the shipment detailed events, we can generate a report on it.

Our TMS tools and custom reporting allows us to achieve operational execution excellence, but also, with real-time, event-oriented information management and reporting. With Logistic Services TMS we are able to support multiple business models and varying processes within a single solution. The TMS solution allows us to leverage transportation across all of our customers shipments, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.

Customized Logistic Solutions

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