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Stock picks in Supply Chain Industry – Logistic Services USA choices for 2017 (2/10/2017)

It is always important to see how companies you work with, and compete against are doing.

One of the easiest ways to do this (if publicly traded) is follow a companies stock price, news, history and earnings calls. Very good information can be gathered, both on the specific company, and the industry as a whole.

To that end, Logistic Services USA has chosen gold and silver medalists for stocks to watch in 2017 in four key aspects of the SUPPLY CHAIN


Gold Medal – Matson (35.50) – MATX – up 18.9% in 2016

Made prudent acquisition of Horizon Lines, strenghtening Alaska freight foothold, and averages 1.15m in revenue per employee.

Silver Medal – Expeditors (54.09) – EXPD – up 19.4% in 2016

Trivia Question: Which NVOCC shipped the most containers into the US in 2016 –  30,000 more than #2? You guessed it – Expeditors.

WAREHOUSE PROVIDERS/3PLS – Middle of supply chain

Gold Medal – CH ROBINSON (75.62) – CHRW – up 13.3% in 2016

Largest domestic freight broker in United States by 3x over next largest competitor (1.7B vs 445M) – and no plans on slowing down anytme soon. Over 110,000 customers in US in 2016.

Silver Medal – RYDER (75.46) – R – up 26.7% in 2016

Dedicated Transportation division up 11%, Supply Chain Solutions division up 10%, both of these divisions for Ryder are their core growth opportunities for the next 3-5 years.


Gold Medal – FEDEX (188.57) – FDX – up 34.9% in 2016

Focusing more on the rapidly expanding ecommerce business, estimating 2.2% increase in GDP in 2017, which for a company their size runs into the billions (with a B)

Silver Medal – JB HUNT (98.82) – JBHT – up 27.6% in 2016

#1 Intermodal Marketing Company in the US, has doubled revenue in last 8 years, and with customer trends toward using RAIL more than OTR, they are in the prime position to grow (and always profitably as FYI)

TECHNOLOGY/HYBRID – All aspects of supply chain

Gold and Silver Medal  – Amazon (821.36) – AMZN – up 41.1% in 2016

Opening up air freight HUB in KY, dipping toe in the water on freight brokerage domestically, building and opening millions of square feet of brick and mortar warehouses (just name a few of the recent announcements) – they are trying to conquer the Supply Chain arena single handedly..

Any other companies you would put on there? Let us know who, and why?