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Will new Presidency be good for Domestic Supply Chain folks like Logistic Services USA?

With the new arrival of our new 45th President here shortly, the question was recently asked over Thanksgiving dinner:

“Do you think Donald Trump will be good or bad for the industry you work in (LOGISTICS)?”

Great question, and made me stop and think.

With any new President, the choices for key cabinet positions are the catalyst in shaping the direction and future of the US.

They are the day to day players who take the high level marching orders, and implement into tangible gameplans. .

That being said, the two key people for SUPPLY CHAIN professionals over the next 4 years are:

Wilbur Ross – chosen for Secretary of Commerce

Edith Chao – chosen for Secretary of Transportation

Mr. Ross is a billionaire from FL who made some of his money in picking up distressed companies, turning them around (primarily in the manufacturing sector). He has long since been a proponent of keeping jobs in America, and has the background if applicable to make this a top priority. If manufacturing is ramped back up in America, Logistics Proessionals will see a marked increase in opportunities, and this is right in Logistic Services USA wheelhouse.

We ship on a daily basis both raw goods, and finished products around the country, so heres to hoping this is one of the key marching directives from the new Commander in Chief!

Edith Chao

Mrs Chao has spent most of her later career in and around Washington, working as Secretary of Labor under another President for 8 years. One of the key apsects for Logistics Professionals is the rules and regulations (such as MAP-21) specifically for truck and rail carriers in regards to compliance and regulation.

If the rules for Brokers and carriers in the Transportation industry get more stringent and/or enforced (as they are trending to be), Logistic Services USA should also see an uptick in opportunities.

We are fully compliant, and take alot of pride in making sure we are fully in step with not only current rules and regulations, but what the future legislation holds as well.

We can only hope that as the transiton process starts, we see specifically that these two people are proponents of the Domestic Supply Chain via some of the areas we listed above.

Thoughts/opinions welcomed!